Te Toki Waka Hourua


Te Toki Waka Hourua

Te Toki Waka Hourua (TTWH) a team from TTVT dedicated to the perpetuation of both ancestral and contemporary skills and knowledge of Pacific Voyaging and Navigating Waka Hourua.

The voyage and navigation practice stood the test of time within small pockets of the Pacific, however the vast majority of the Pacific Nation (ourselves included) kept only partial fragments through story, song, dance and prayer. Our leaders were most fortunate to connect with others from around the Pacific to study and regain these practices under the tutelage of Pius Mau Pialug (Papa Mau) from the island of Satawal, Micronesia. His worldview saw the Pacific Ocean without delineation and this was reflected in his decision to break cultural taboos and teach outside of his own flesh and blood. These ancestral skills and knowledge systems passed on by Papa Mau is the premise of which we have based our contemporary practice.

Since 2003 our team has grown from strength to strength, developing a strong volunteer base of good people bound by the foundation values of aroha, whanaungatanga manaakitanga and kaitiakitanga as well as a collective drive to create opportunities for our young people to realise the sophistication of ancestral skills, knowledges, and practises. As well as the importance of intergenerational knowledge transfer. Our team are now the humble guardians of Haunui, Aotearoa One and Hinemoana. These three-voyaging waka hourua are also commercially certified allowing us to create opportunities for not only youth but public and corporate communities as well. We also operate a vast fleet of sail training vessels including our small waka hourua Pūmaiterangi, various sized Ulua (Hawaiian outrigger canoe), catamaran and mono hulls. Te Toki Waka Hourua aims to provide lifelong learning opportunities on waka hourua such as navigation, astronomy, marine and environmental science, traditional seafaring technology and innovation.

“The role of a navigator is to look into adversity and find opportunity”
Turanga Hoturoa Barclay-Kerr.


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