Tāpui Mātauranga

Te Toki Voyaging Trust fosters a culture of mentorship. Upon learning how to do something from your teacher, it is then your role to help to teach others. This cultivates young people to stand up and take the lead. Using waka as a vehicle for youth-development, designing and delivering high-level educational-programmes targeting our young people, creating strong, capable independent learners and leaders. We continue to deliver increasingly high-level programmes and opportunities throughout Aotearoa and the Pacific. Te Toki Waka Hourua has a rapidly growing crew base and hard-working management team, dedicated to carrying the work of Te Toki Voyaging Trust forward into an even brighter future.

Working with Te Toki Voyaging Trust, your tamariki and their whānau will meet today’s Pacific voyagers and explore the kaupapa of voyaging from the past, our present, and into the future.

Whare Whetū

Te whare whetū is a portable planetarium equipped with a projecting system that allows us to simulate the sky during night and day. Our facilitators engage with tamariki using kōrero, stories, waiata, and digital resources developed to teach basic astronomy from a mātauranga māori perspective. Tamariki will le